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Magic Leap 2 packages provide public safety organizations the augmented reality solutions to revolutionize officer training. The “Watchword” software included in packages provides hyper-realistic VR training for police officers and EMTs. Officers & Sheriffs are immersed in simulated real-world environments where they can practice critical decision-making and de-escalation procedures. EMTs learn to treat trauma in challenging settings.

With Magic Leap’s advanced AR headset, VR training achieves new levels of realism and effectiveness. Officers and EMTs can recurrently experience hundreds of scenarios that are too dangerous or expensive to replicate in the real world. Lifelike VR builds muscle memory and reflexes to save lives during high-stakes, stressful situations.

Magic Leap 2 packages are optimized for public safety’s unique needs. The enterprise-grade headset is ultra-rugged and secure to withstand tough field conditions. And Magic Leap’s RapidDeploy service ensures the fastest possible response and support. With turnkey hardware, software, and services, Magic Leap 2 packages enable police and EMS to adopt augmented reality training and operations for immediate impact.

Scalable augmented reality emergency response training

The Watchword Package on Magic Leap 2 uses augmented reality (AR) to make overcome budgetary and logistical restrictions to make law enforcement training cost efficient, effective, realistic, and customizable at scale. No need for a 360 degree simulation training room that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to run & maintain.

Immersion in Real Environments with Watchword

Immerse your officers in realistic VR training simulations without leaving the station. Our highly detailed virtual settings allow full customization, replicating actual buildings and streets in your jurisdiction. From accurate room dimensions to furnished interiors and lifelike avatars, each scenario mirrors real-life situations.

Train for various critical incidents, such as domestic disputes, hostage negotiations, active shooters, and more, in spaces that closely resemble actual environments. Our advanced VR simulations offer precise control, allowing for scenario repetition and skill development. Tailor environments and adjust variables to build muscle memory without real-world risks.

By leveraging virtual reality with accurate scene mimicking, Police & Sheriffs departments reduce costs associated with live training while enhancing community safety. Bring simulation centers to your station or precinct, providing officers with a immersive, efficient, and economical alternative that prepares them for any & all real-world challenges.

Product Specifications 

Experience the pinnacle of AR with Magic Leap 2 – the most immersive device in the market. Boasting industry-leading optics with up to 70° diagonal FOV, it introduces the world’s first dynamic dimming capability. Its lightweight, ergonomic design houses powerful computing to enhance enterprise AR solutions. Magic Leap 2 ensures rapid and secure deployment with platform-level support for complete cloud autonomy, data privacy, and device management via leading MDM providers. It’s the epitome of security and flexibility.

Field of View Up to 70 degree
High Resolution 2.5M pixels per eye
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Display Over 16.8m colors supported
Weight 260g
Camera • 12.6M pixel autofocus RGB camera
• 4k at 30fps or 1920 x 1080 at 60fps video
Storage 256GB
Volume of View 37cm to infinity
CPU • AMD 7nm Quad-core Zen2 X86 core (8 threads)
• 14 core CVIP engine
• Up to 3.92 GHz max with 512kB L2 per core
• 4MB total L3 cache
GPU • AMD GFX10.2: 1SE 1SA 4 WGP (8 CUs) 2RB+
1MB L2 Cache 964 MHz / Max 1.8 GHz
Display • 1440 x 1760px resolution
• 20 to 2000 nits brightness
Spatial Audio Built-in Stereo Speakers
Sensors • 3 Wider FoV World Cameras
• Depth Camera
• RGB Camera
• Ambient Light Sensor
• 4x Eye Tracking Cameras
Inertial Sensors • 4x IMU
• 3-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope
• 2x 3-axis Magnetometer
• 2x Altimeter
Battery • 3.5hrs continuous use
• 7hrs sleep mode
Security • WPA3
• AMD Platform Security Processor
• Security fencing between x86 and CVIP