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OmniQ’s pairing of Vehicle Recognition Software and a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera, is a far superior intelligent camera system compared to a traditional security camera set-up in a number of ways. OmniQ’s smart parking system has many advanced applications; Gateless & ticketless parking, vehicle occupancy counting, virtual permitting, E-citations, digital tire chalking, and more! The Qsheild system has allowed Law enforcement to get a virtual leg-up on criminals by using VRS to identify & track them faster than ever before, giving Police the make, model, year, and color of a suspects vehicle in seconds. Truly the QN20 camera has a wide variety of uses and roles to fill. An OmniQ LPR-enabled solution means superior technology backed by years of experience and successful deployments around the world. Some of the areas utilizing OmniQ systems are law enforcement, HOV enforcement, toll roads & border crossings, HOA’s/apartments, corporate campuses, casino’s, infrastructure locations, smart retail stores, colleges and universities.


The OmniQ recording devices such as the Q POST EZ-EDGE BOLLARD can be customized to fit any application. Make your drive-thru or retail store more efficient, improve revenues, and keep customers happy. Using LPR, you can customize menus, ensure orders are ready, and more. Even accept payment automatically using payment methods kept on file. The result is an improved customer experience, which means a dramatic improvement in your bottom line.

Or if a parking solution is needed, it is enabled by license plate recognition (LPR). The OmniQ system ticketless or rather, the license plate is the ticket. This makes it particularly efficient while avoiding issues related to lost tickets, ticket switching, and tailgating. LPR-enabled parking solutions are ideal for commercial parking operations that want centralized billing, management, and monitoring. An LPR-enabled solution from OmniQ means some of the most advanced technology on the market with successful deployments around the world in some of the most secure places including Airports, Casino's, and five star hotels.

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QN20 Camera System


The compact QN20 imaging units features highly reliable state-of-the-art hardware maximized by the powerful and patented OmniQ VISION license plate and vehicle recognition engine called SeeNN along with our VRS-SeeControl management software. OmniQ VISION Imaging Units and value-added solutions are proven in over 40 countries worldwide, including all states of the United States and provinces of Canada. In addition to License Plate Reading, sophisticated OmniQ VISION algorithms identify vehicle make, color, state or country of all license plates.

The QN20 offers a 2MP IP camera with customized illumination and a vandal-proof 1P66 housing for both indoor and outdoor operation. It is available with 850nm and 730nm IR spectrum illumination as well as units that utilize visible white light illumination for overview vehicle images as well as the ability to read non-reflective plates. The QN20 is optimized for vehicle speeds up to 31 mph (50 km/h). It also offers a live IP video stream for added value.

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QN33 Camera System


The larger QN33 features highly reliable, state-of-the-art hardware maximized by the powerful, patented OmniQ VISION license plate and vehicle recognition engine, ``SeeNN,`` along with our VRS-SeeControl management software. It is also compatible with your current backend security software. In addition, the OmniQ QN33 features night-vision capabilities and a longer operational range, up to 85 feet, perfect for larger environments including Sea Ports, Airports, Stadiums, or Border facilities. The LPR camera not only reads the plate, but the sophisticated OmniQ VISION algorithms also identify vehicle make, color, state or country of all license plates.

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More than 80% of crimes involve a vehicle, which means 24/7 eyes on the roads & visibility at vulnerable locations such as schools and government buildings is vital, Qshield the force multiplier offers exactly that. Qshield automatically issues citations for uninsured & unregistered vehicles, freeing up time and agency resources and maximizing collection of community funds. Protect your customers and staff by adding access control features that alert staff or in some cases law enforcement of unwanted visitors.

• Former/Disgruntled Employees.
• Members of “Gamblers Anonymous``.
• Vehicles Connected To Crimes such as Amber Alerts, Stolen Vehicles, & Terrorism.
• Customers banned for theft, misconduct, or other applicable scenarios.

Law Enforcement Agencies rely heavily on the information from many different criminal databases. Having this information integrate with their LPR solution is key to have real time actionable intelligence.

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Mobile LPR & Vehicle Recognition

The LPR/VRS camera mobile trailer system allows for speed limit monitoring anywhere it is required. The system will operate 24/7/365 with industry-leading solar panels and a long-lasting battery bank. It deploys quickly with removeable tongue and stabilizer jacks. The LPR trailer will ride on all roadways with cantilever suspension and full-size trailer tires. Ensure speed limit obedience with the LPR intelligent E-citation function.

In Today's world, Law Enforcement Agencies rely heavily on their officers and many departments in the U.S.A. are understaffed. To extend their reach & allow them to maximize their time, utilize systems like the LPR/VRS mobile trailer. Having this monitoring power and information integrated within the the entire department is the key to having real effective crime solutions.

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Vehicle Recognition Software from OmniQ captures the license plate, jurisdiction, make, model, & color of the vehicle and simultaneously cross references local and national hot lists. Law Enforcement is able to take quick action in any situation where a vehicle has been reported in connection with amber alerts, silver alerts, stolen vehicles & more.

Qshield also automatically issues citations for uninsured & unregistered vehicles, freeing up time and agency resources and maximizing collection of community funds. OmniQ LPR solutions are proven to help aid first responders & extend their reach & oversight.

Law Enforcement Agencies rely heavily on the information from many different criminal databases. Having this information integrate with their LPR solution is key to have real time actionable intelligence. The OmniQ solution allows for easy integration into any database while remaining CJIS compliant.

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Available on all smart devices
• Automated entry and exit of vehicles based on license plate and other vehicle data.
• System will open and close the gate automatically based on permission lists.
• Data base management of multiple lists; red, white, guest or temporary.
• Scalable multi-site management.
• Real time alerts based on predefined criteria and interaction with external databases.
• Rich reporting and statistical analysis capabilities.
• Versatile integration capabilities with numerous third parties.
• Reporting of numerous vehicle parameters ; license plate, time, date, location.
• Ease of installation and set up.

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SeeNN - SeeControl

Turning a camera image into actionable intelligence requires cutting-edge technology. Enter SeeNNTM, OmniQ’s proprietary, AI-based, deep-learning neural network algorithm. SeeNN imitates the pattern recognition and decision-making capabilities of the human brain, and is capable of the highest level of performance for vehicle recognition. It is the driver behind OmniQ’s comprehensive SeeControlTM VRS management suite, which transforms vehicle and license plate data into valuable real-time information for quick and effective decision-making, alerts, and activity reporting.

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80% of all crimes involve a vehicle


Keeping any city safe means having eyes on roads and vehicles as they drive around vulnerable locations — like schools and government buildings — all day, every day. And OmniQ license plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle recognition solutions (VRS) can help you do just that. OmniQ has helped law enforcement solve crimes in as few as 24 hours. Their solutions have helped recover stolen vehicles, enforced violations automatically, recovered missing persons, and perhaps most importantly prevented crime from happening.


Cutting Edge AI & Machine Learning

OmniQ employs the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology in its LPR and VRS solutions. That means your agency works smarter, not harder, in identifying vehicles of interest.

Incident investigation & Citation Management 

The data you have as a result of investing in an OmniQ safe city solution will help you identify the vehicles involved and apprehend suspects more quickly and efficiently, closing more cases than ever before. Even better — OmniQ’s Q nForce solution can automatically deploy citations on your behalf to owners of vehicles operating with invalid registrations, freeing your officers to handle more pressing tasks — and helping you generate more revenue.

High-Speed Traffic Monitoring

OmniQ solutions don’t stop of low-speed city streets. Monitor traffic on your highways travelling at high speed, so that you never miss a vehicle operating in or around your municipality.

Centralized Administration & Reporting

The comprehensive SeeControl system management solution from OmniQ transforms vehicle and license plate data (including vehicle jurisdiction, color, and make) into actionable intelligence. SeeControl lets you manage vehicle hotlists and event databases and can seamlessly share data with law enforcement lists, such as NCIC and BOLO lists. You’ll get real-time alerts about vehicles of interest as well as comprehensive searching and reporting capabilities via a convenient browser interface.

Mobile Solutions

Vehicle recognition trailers from OmniQ put LPR/VRS and speed limit monitoring anywhere it is required. These rugged trailers operate 24/7/365, thanks to industry-leading solar panels and long-lasting battery banks. And for situations that require more clandestine surveillance, OmniQ offers a pickup-truck-mounted faux toolbox that contains two cameras connected wirelessly to OmniQ LPR/VRS software in the vehicle cab. Let your officers patrol sensitive areas looking for wanted vehicles with nobody being the wiser.

Invest In Only What You Need 

OmniQ hardware and software solutions — from cameras to computers to specialized AI-driven solutions — can be deployed at key locations throughout your city or town. Monitor heavily trafficked intersections, sensitive locations, and anything in between. An allow your law enforcement personnel monitor those locations as well as receive real-time alerts.

Citywide Surveillance

Because no municipality has money to waste, OmniQ makes it easy for you to invest in only the technology you need for your application. The Q nForce solution even has a revenue sharing model that helps you pay for the solutions you need. And as your situation changes over time, OmniQ solutions can grow with you, scaling to support your law enforcement goals.

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