Field Services Solutions Overview

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When you’re working the field, you want to make sure you’re connected to the resources you need to be successful. But there are hazards to bringing average commercial-grade computers on the road with you. That’s why Ramco Rugged Portables has developed a full product line of ruggedized portables to help you stay connected without risking valuable hardware in rough environments.

  • Faster access to vital business information.
  • Automation of forms, contracts and other core processes.
  • Maintain and access accurate customer information from the road.
  • Replicate office functions on the road – PC, internet, printer, etc.
  • Greater data access at point of sale or service.
  • Eliminate need to re-key data by automating forms.

Faster access to business information on the road | Durability allows you travel with peace of mind | Automation of forms, contracts and other core processes