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We Know Rugged

At Ramco Rugged Portables, we know all about rugged.

Ramco Rugged Portables has a full inventory of semi- and fully rugged product lines from a variety of top manufactures intended for use in a wide range of industries in the public and private sectors, including:

If more standard & traditional computing solutions just aren’t tough enough to fulfill you or your businesses’ needs, contact our rugged portable professionals and we’ll help you build the systems that will, no matter where you do business in the U.S.A. Here at Ramco we are committed to pleasing our customers and making sure they have all the tools they require to perform their jobs perfectly.

Why Ramco?

Ramco Rugged Portables has for years supplied rugged portable computers – laptops, handhelds and tablets – to public and private organizations in the United States and abroad. Our commitment to quality products and first-class service is our top priority. When you choose Ramco, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly the products that you need at a price that is sure to help your bottom-line. whether you are placing an order on behalf of a law enforcement agency, first responder group, construction crew, or just for yourself, let us make the process as easy as possible.

  • Our team of trained professionals is ready and waiting to teach you about the variety of rugged products available and how they can make your business or organization more profitable, more agile, and more productive.
  • We also offer pre and post-sales support to your organization to ensure that the products suit your specific needs.
  • To top it off, we offer first-in-class warranties on all of the products we sell, as well as extended warranties should you want to double-down on protecting your investment.


Why Rugged?

Within the rigors of everyday life, certain work or performance electronics need to be able to withstand the power of environmental forces, accidental damage, and even active combat areas. That is where we come in. With product lines like Getac, Zebra, Trimble, and Durabook we offer a wide variety of ruggedness & durability that is unsurpassed and sure to fit your needs. These products not only perform in some of the most tech-hostile places on the planet, but thrive in them. By design, they serve their roles perfectly in locations where normal consumer tech just won’t cut it. Ramco Rugged carries multiple different tablets and laptop computers all certified to withstand heat, cold, water, dirt & dust, and up to six foot drops.

  • Fully rugged ultraportables are the future of in-field mobile computing allowing individuals to input data on location instead of having to travel to a separate office
  • Semi-rugged laptops & tablets are dictating the limit of progress for industries such as manufacturing, retail, law enforcement, medicine, and education allowing them to reach new unthought-of heights
  • With military-grade rugged computers currently available to anyone, the possibilities of a mobile field terminal are now a reality anywhere on Earth. Especially those with undeveloped infrastructure or none at all
  • Rugged portables can allow researchers to safely and securely enter or review important data in some of the most remote & isolated places without any issue
  • Semi-rugged computers have transformed the medical industry allowing patient information to be updated, verified, & changed immediately if necessary yielding a more efficient healthcare system
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