Government/Municipal Solutions Overview

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By providing ruggedized portable devices to local and state municipalities, we empower government leaders to make more efficient use of technology across a wide variety of government sectors, including: Health & Human Services, Probation/Parole, Port Authority Inspections, Tax Collectors, Building Inspectors, Code Enforcers, Utilities Workers, Health Inspectors, and First Responders.

  • Build & maintain secure electronic filing systems for any sensitive data.
  • Ensure complete and accurate records through menu-driven input.
  • Quickly check off completed or resolved items using menu-driven applications.
  • Capture handwritten notes in electronic format for filing, easy searching, and later reference.
  • Enable faster data uploads & processing.
  • Remain in constant communication with central control units without worry of poor connection.

Don't put your data at risk with vulnerable equipment

make sure you are using the right technology for the job and tough enough for the demands of work.