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Taoglas Antennas and RF Components

Taoglas is the global leader of advanced antenna designs. Using the latest in high-performance RF antenna design, Taoglas has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of external and embedded antennas and RF components.

Taoglas helps you tackle real-world engineering pressures that surface during the development of complex RF and wireless systems. Leveraging an extensive portfolio of advanced components, IoT solutions, and global resources, our technical experts design practical solutions that simplify complex device and application needs. Taoglas engineers solutions that deliver long-term peace of mind to its customers, those solutions include External & embedded antenna’s, magnetics, connectors, cables, brackets & accessories and other RF components.

Taoglas EDGE™ Connect with US 4G/3G Cellular Connectivity

The Taoglas EDGE Connect enables real-time insights and intelligence to help your enterprise save costs, increase revenue, and enhance compliance. The Taoglas EDGE is a next-generation IoT hardware and software platform that provides full cellular, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities with sensor integration – all from an ultra low-power device. It also comes preconfigured with a US 4G/3G cellular data plan and EDGE Insights™ platform and a built in rechargeable battery.

Taoglas IoT solutions

The Taoglas IoT portfolio have been developed to enable quick prototyping for projects that demand global connectivity, sensor acquisition and precise location while maintaining efficiency, reliability and best in class performance Taoglas products are known for, shortening solutions develop time and consolidating the process of bringing an IoT solution to market. Taoglas devices offer high quality hardware and firmware that are essential to reliable, well-functioning connected devices. With a flexible offering covering most connectivity, global positioning standards and sensors, Taoglas IoT solutions help you accelerate time to market by leveraging existing firmware stacks for security, connectivity and device management.

Taoglas 4G/5G Cellular Invisible Antenna

The TFX62 is a first of its kind, invisible antenna designed to cover worldwide 5G/4G bands from 600-6000MHz. The TFX62 has been expertly engineered by Taoglas with innovation in mind, the design is based on our excellent design history in pioneering flexible PCB antenna technology. TFX62 is supplied with pre adhered adhesive for ease of installation and has an enclosed carrier terminated with a FAKRA connector. The transparent flexible antennas are an alternative to standard Flexible PCB antennas where the user may want to install an antenna in a covert area or on a surface, they may want to keep visible. The performance of the antenna is based on the environment where it is placed, care should be taken to mount at least 20mm from metal components where possible.


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