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 Ramco Rugged Portables stocks a wide variety of portable computers & tablets designed to give medical personnel increased mobility and accessibility. while ruggedness is important, usability is more so when it comes to the medical field. Semi-rugged laptops and tablets provide adequate protection in a medical environment while also being easy to use, fast, and come with large easy to use touch screens. Ramco can fill the needs of any pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare companies, or scientific labs looking for new semi or fully rugged tablets or laptops. Zebra Technologies has products designed especially for rugged computing in the Healthcare sector, view that page for more information.
  • Automate your forms, processes, workflows, and other important data with ruggedized tablets and lightweight durable laptops.
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts by brining the data entry right to the patient’s side.
  • Our portables will provide you with improved EMR recording when paired with national EMR software.
  • Pair with new diagnostic software to provide improved patient care at the point of care.
  • By using our products, your patients will be more satisfied with improved data accuracy and security.

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Within the medical field, data storage & management is important. guarantee effectiveness with Ramco.