Data Storage and Security for Police

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Data Storage & Security

  • When it comes to public safety solutions, most discussions focus on cameras and recordings and not the often-overlooked, less-visible part of the solution: data storage and security. First responder agencies rely on a variety of storage methods, including on-premises, cloud computing, or hybrid depending on the agency size and amount of data.
  • Law enforcement data may include reports, information from body-worn cameras, vehicle surveillance footage, and mug shots with criminal histories. To protect the privacy of this information, storage and security providers must comply with the requirements of the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) security policy. They must acknowledge that they place restrictions and limitations on the access, use, storage, and dissemination of intelligence. Regulatory compliance mandates and internal policies also require agencies to retain data for weeks, months, and sometimes years.
  • Cybersecurity is another critical component of public safety data solutions. A major breach could not only force an agency to revert to manual processes, it could also put officers and the public at risk. Ultimately, the ability to access data for situational awareness gives officers additional knowledge and helps public safety agencies be more successful.

CIJS Requirements

The CJIS security policy includes security requirements, guidelines, and agreements reflecting the will of public safety agencies for protecting the sources, transmissions, storage, and generation of criminal justice information. CJIS Advanced Authentication policy requirements are required for all mobile systems including mobile data terminals and any other mobile devices that process National Crime Information Center access transactions.

33TB: The amount of data 200 officers with body-worn cameras generate every year.

467,000: Reported cases of Internet fraud in 2019

Storage space
The amount of storage digital recordings require depends on:

• Number of cameras deployed

• Policy requirement for recording

• Retention requirements for the recordings

• Tagging, cataloging, and classifying data

• Controlling access

• Data security

Data Storage and Security for Police

For when reliable data storage and security is a top priority

Integrated Databases and Storage Solutions

• Absolute

• Aerohive

• Axiom

• Fortinet

• Hewlett Packard Enterprise

• Lenovo

• Microsoft Azure Gov

• Pivot 3

• Quantum

• Red Hat

• Storage Craft

Security of Data/Backup

• Becrypt

• Buffalo

• Cisco

• Drobo

• Overland

• PC Matic PRO

• Qlogic


• Sans Digital

• Spyrus

• Storage Craft

• Symantec

• Watchguard

• Zyxel

Supporting Solutions

• Cyberpower

• Eaton

The public safety team provide the support and services you need to be successful

• Assessment/design: We offers solution providers a range of pre-sales consultation including assessments, device selection, migration strategies, connection with OEMs, financial alternatives, and deployment/logistics solutions.

• Solution development: We offers ongoing technical support for OEMs and resellers by developing the technology solutions end users need.

• Most current strategies: The Ramco public safety solution provides the most current strategies in the delivery of technologies that allow local and state leaders to capitalize upon the knowledge of their constituents in ensuring safety daily.

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