Law Enforcement Solutions Overview

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Law Enforcement Solutions

  • Vehicle mounted semi- and fully rugged laptops for communications with dispatch, coordination with headquarters or other officers, and remote network information access.
  • Heavy duty magnesium frames and water-proof keyboards provide exceptional durability & functionality, making working in extreme or variable environments feasible.
  • Pair with our versatile vehicle mounts for in-vehicle operations. (Can be undocked for easy portable computing)
  • Water-resistant, shock-proof, and drop-protected, portables operate in most any condition. Most are military certified
  • Because our products are more durable than commercial-grade products, they have a much lower cost of ownership and longer lifespan, perfect for municipal budgets.
  • Many of our products come with integrated security features perfect for law enforcement, including fingerprint scanners, GPS, and encrypted hard drives.


In-Car-Office solutions from Ramco help Police, EMS and all other first responders maximize space inside their rigs, ambulances and patrol vehicles to accommodate everything their jobs require out in the field.    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Patrol vehicle mounts for electronic equipment such as laptops, dash-cameras, radar scanners, radios, etc. are a must have for ALL law enforcement agencies in today’s world, don’t be left behind in dust.


  • Rugged laptop/tablet conversions lend themselves to a high mobility environment where adaptation is a necessity. Bring your work computer from your office desk, to your patrol vehicle, to the job site, and then back. With technology such as rugged laptops, tablets and mobile printers offered, you can transform your patrol car into a mobile patrolling office capable of whatever your needs are.


  • Most Police & other law enforcement personnel spend long hours sitting in their patrol vehicle, with mobile office solution options they can maximize that time more effectively, finishing their paperwork quicker.


  • Capabilities once available only in traditional offices are now common place in first responders’ vehicles. Items such as mobile data terminals (MDTs), global positioning systems (GPS), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), and records management systems (RMS) can now be found inside most patrol vehicles. The connectivity is established through cellular carriers to create a mobile office on wheels.


  • Few industries benefit more from extreme mobility & ruggedness than police & first responders. Make sure they obtain the tools they require to get the job done right out in the field, lives depend on it.

Secure | Low cost of ownership | Heavy duty magnesium frames for tough use

Law enforcement professionals require the toughest most reliable gear available.