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Incident Management

High-Quality Incident Management Through Operational Eyes Public safety is a growing problem for cities around the world, and officials are introducing safe city concepts as a government-driven approach to security. As security needs rise, many cities are deploying smart/safe city solutions to ensure public safety and better manage critical incidents or day-to-day operations.

Surveillance Cameras and Video Management Systems

Whether body-worn, in-car, mounted on buildings, or installed on drones, security cameras play an integral role in smart/safe city solutions. Serving as operational eyes, security cameras help officials remotely monitor public spaces and effectively respond to emergency incidents.

By one estimate, the global video surveillance market will be worth $39 billion by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2018 to 2013. Major growth drivers include an increasing awareness of safety and security, rising crime rates, and the growing adoption of internet protocol (IP) cameras.

Control Centers and E911 Centers

Authorities rely on control centers and E911 centers to ensure public safety and effectively manage critical incidents. Equipped with a variety of technology that powers, connects, secures, and protects, these environments present a lucrative opportunity for solution providers.

Technology applications for incident management

Common applications for incident management technology include:

• Real-time crime centers
• Emergency operations centers
• Fusion centers
• E911 centers

The role of data in incident management

To plan a response, authorities collect and analyze data from:

• Physical sensors
• Satellite pictures
• Videos/photos from various cameras
• Wearables through command/control software
• News services
• Blogs/Twitter messages
• Computer-aided dispatch system (CAD)
• Records management systems (RMS)

Data to Empower & Prepare

with lives on the line, secure network control is a necessity

Surveillance Cameras and Video Management Systems

• 3VR

• Avizia

• Barracuda

• Bosch

• D-Link

• EverFocus

• Hanwha Techwin

• Hikvision

• Milestone

• Panasonic


• Veracity

• Video Insight

• Vivotek

• Wi-Fiber

Emergency Operation Centers/Control-Ready Rooms | Equipment That Powers, Connects, Secures, and Protects

• Allied Telesis

• Aruba

• Avaya

• Black Box

• C2G

• Chief

• Christie Digital

• Cisco

• Cradlepoint

• Engenius

• Gridless Power

• Intel

• Juniper

• Kensington

• LG

• Lifesize

• LIND Electronics


• Philips

• Planar

• Radware

• Rapid Deploy

• Ruckus

• Sharp

• Sonus

• Sony

• StarTech

• Tripplite

• Viewsonic

• Wi-Fiber

• Zyxel


• Autel



• Avepoint

• Bretford


• Ergotech

• Ergotron

• Intel

• Plantronics

• Acuant


• Sitch AI

The public safety team provides the support and services you need to succeed!

• Assessment/design: offers solution providers a range of pre-sales consultation including assessments, device selection, migration strategies, connection with OEMs, financial alternatives, and deployment/logistics solutions.

• Solution development: provides access to ongoing technical support for OEMs and resellers by developing the solutions end-users need.

• Most current strategies: assists in the delivery of technologies that allow local and state leaders to capitalize upon the knowledge of their constituents in ensuring safety daily.

• Specialized expertise: We has a mature public safety practice comprised of former public safety practitioners. Each member brings unique experiences that define real solutions and assist in accurately assessing public safety needs.

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