The Magic Leap 2

Experience the future of immersive law enforcement training with Magic Leap 2’s advanced augmented reality headsets. Officers and first responders can repeatedly practice hundreds of realistic, high-stakes scenarios that would be too hazardous or costly to replicate in the real world. Magic Leap’s lifelike VR creates muscle memory and repetitive reflexes to perform steady actions in stressful situations. The ultra-rugged, enterprise-grade Magic Leap 2 headset is optimized for the unique durability and security needs of public safety professionals in tough field environments. And Magic Leap 2’s rapid deployment services ensure fast rollout and responsive support. With turnkey AR hardware, Avrio software, and services, Ramco Rugged enables police and EMS agencies to rapidly adopt a transformative augmented reality training and operations system that is one of the most advanced systems available – delivering immediate, tangible impacts to readiness, performance, and department efficiency.

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