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Introducing Zebra Technologies’ collection of mobile barcode printers/scanners. Zebra’s products cater to diverse industries such as warehousing, retail, healthcare, and law enforcement. These mobile printers offer innovative electronic citation (e-citation) solutions that streamline ticketing for law enforcement, public safety officers, and parking enforcement officers. With our user-friendly mobile app, officers can quickly and accurately issue electronic citations for traffic, parking, permit, and other violations. By automating the process, our e-citation system eliminates costly data entry errors and cumbersome paperwork. With faster, more accurate ticketing capabilities, officers improve their productivity and reduce invalid citations caused by human error. Ramco also offers disinfectant-friendly (HC) models with user-friendly interfaces, designed specifically for Healthcare/Hospital use. These mobile printers come in a range of sizes to meet your specific receipt or label size requirements. Elevate your operational efficiency with Zebra’s cutting-edge mobile printing solutions.

ZQ600 Plus Series (Healthcare) 

Secure & expedite your healthcare processes with the ZQ600 Plus Healthcare Series of mobile printers. Designed for rapid productivity and patient safety, these printers enhance specimen labeling and streamline staff efficiency. Engineered to excel, the ZQ600 Plus builds upon Zebra’s QLn platform, infusing advanced technology and innovative design for enhanced productivity, ease-of-use, and seamless manageability. Built exclusively for healthcare, these compact printers were engineered to withstand rigorous & repeated disinfection routines. The intuitive color display makes printer status clear, while advanced battery technology ensures continuous operation throughout extended shifts. The ZQ600 or ZQ600 Plus provide reliable, rapid wireless connections within confined spaces. Simplified integration, management, and security make the ZQ600/ZQ600 Plus a preferred choice for any Healthcare facility.

ZQ600 Plus Series 

Elevate productivity with the ZQ600 Plus Series mobile printers. These mobile printers come in various sizes and boast advanced technology such as a large color display, a user-friendly design, and a reliable & strong wireless connections. These intelligent printers also enter “sleep mode” when idle, saving battery, and automatically awaken the moment the user sends a print job, wake-up works over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Enjoy dependable wireless connections with fast 802.11 ac and strong Bluetooth 4.2. connectivity.  The ZQ600 Plus Series printers include standard, healthcare, and RFID models, offering a tailored solution for every need. Ensure durability and performance with the ZQ600 Plus, for either healthcare or law Enforcement.

ZQ300 Plus Series 

The ZQ300 Plus Series mobile printers come in various sizes and boast advanced technology, a user-friendly design, and reliable wireless connections. These intelligent printers also enter “sleep mode” when idle, saving battery, and automatically awaken the moment the user sends a print job. Wake-up works over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With IP54 sealing and support for water-resistant media, you can count on the indoor and outdoor models to print legible text and scannable barcodes. Enjoy dependable wireless connections with fast 802.11ac and strong Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Pair the ZQ300 Series with practically any mobile device—any Bluetooth-enabled Zebra mobile handheld computer and tablet, as well as any Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile device. The ZQ300 Plus Series printers include standard, healthcare, and RFID models, offering a tailored solution for every need.

ZQ500 Plus Series

The ZQ500 printers blend top-tier mobile printing with military-grade toughness for an improved mobile work experience. They print various materials from receipts to UHF RFID tags. Engineered for ruggedness, they meet MIL-STD 810G for drops and shocks, boasting an IP54 rating. Over-molding tech ensures durability. A 3250 mAh PowerPrecision+ battery powers them, automatically conserving energy via sleep mode. They offer seamless connectivity through 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The interface prevents accidental changes, while Zebra Print DNA software enhances performance with remote management, security, and updates for secure operation.

Printek is a global leader in rugged mobile printers and high-speed dot matrix printers for over 35 years. They supply innovative printing solutions to Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and government agencies worldwide.

Their mobile printers are rugged and reliable direct thermal printers designed for field operations across transportation, logistics, hospitality, public safety, law enforcement, and more. The dot matrix printers handle even the toughest multi-part forms with ease. All Printek printers come with best-in-class support and warranties.

At Ramco, we partner with top manufacturers, integrators and resellers to deliver cost-effective customized printing solutions for various business applications and industries. Trust Printek mobile printers to meet all your business printing needs, from daily field workforce operations to office use.

FieldPro Series

Meet the next generation in lightning-fast mobile printing. The FP641 model from the FieldPro series provides fast, reliable 4-inch wide printing for receipts, invoices, tickets and more. With rugged construction engineered to withstand demanding field work, this innovative printer enhances mobility and boosts productivity wherever the job takes you. The super-fast FP641 delivers professional, crisp looking documents at up to 6 inches per second. Its easy-to-read LCD screen allows for intuitive operation while dual serrated edges tear cleanly and quickly. With IP54 rating plus 6-foot drop resistance and the latest battery technology, the FP641 keeps humming in tough conditions. Whether mounted in a vehicle or hand carried, the compact yet powerful FP641 improves accuracy and workflow across field services. Seamless compatibility with Windows, Android and Bluetooth enables universal printing functionality. Produce sharp, clear labels, work orders, traffic citations and other critical documents reliably on the go with Printek’s FieldPro 641.

VP 420 VehiclePro series

The newly designed VehiclePro 420 is a 4” thermal printer made specifically for public safety vehicles, optimized for mounting in the center console. This rugged printer is Printek’s fastest and easiest to use model yet, packed with features to boost productivity for police and fire departments. With print speeds up to 5 inches per second, the 420 breezes through tickets, reports, citations and more. Setup takes moments with a singular power/data cable and automatic power on/off with the vehicle. IP54 rating ensures water and dust resistance on the job, while the simplified interface allows for fast paper drops and status checks on the fly. Compact size and flexible mounting preserve interior room without compromising performance. The 420 works seamlessly across platforms like Windows and Android, emulating other models for a simplified transition. The VehiclePro 420 was designed to help first responders and police carry out their work safely and efficiently, thanks to the reliability of a tough in-vehicle printer.

I80 & I820 Interceptor Series 

The latest in compact, on-the-go thermal printing, Printek’s I80 reliably prints full-page documents from eCitations and crash reports to receipts, invoices and more. With swift 2 inch-per-second speeds, this versatile printer connects via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to seamlessly integrate across platforms. Designed for convenience in demanding mobile settings, the I80 prints crisp, clean documents up to 11 pages per minute on continuous roll, perforated or single sheet paper. Dual serrated edges let you tear reports with ease while large top buttons and a smooth opening door maximize user-friendly operation. As a true drop-in replacement, the I80’s small and efficient footprint mounts practically anywhere to meet the needs of public safety, field services and other industries. Switch from vehicle power cables to AC adapters for desktop use without missing a beat. With hassle-free setup out of the box, the I80 boosts productivity by enabling busy crews to print full-page documents quickly on the move. Streamline reporting and cut costs by going paperless with PrintekMobile’s innovative I80 series.

MLP-35 Series

Meet the rugged, compact and lightweight MLP-35 – Printek’s advanced mobile printer designed for all-day use across field services. This surprisingly small yet powerful 3-inch receipt and label printer boosts productivity for mobile professionals in challenging environments. The versatile MLP-35 allows users to quickly and easily print multi-part delivery notices, tickets, receipts and more on the go to save time and costs while improving customer service. Its long battery life sustains performance through multiple shifts without charging. With USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it seamlessly connects to most devices. Ultraportable and weighing under a pound, the MLP-35 fits in one hand for comfortable, reliable printing at up to 3 inches per second. Its OLED screen provides convenient status feedback for simplicity. Dual tear bars make quick work of paper while extensive font and graphic capabilities empower professional-quality documents on the move. Rugged construction stands up to tough field conditions while efficient size fits neatly into any workflow. Experience the new standard in durable, lightweight mobile printing with Printek’s MLP-35.