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Introducing Patrol PC

The Only Rugged All-in-One Vehicle PC

Ramco Rugged Portables is proud to announce a new partnership with Patrol PC, the only manufacturer of a truly all-in-one rugged mobile data terminal.

Offering simple installation and maintenance, incredible standard and optional warranties, and a lower total cost of ownership than any other rugged vehicle computing solution, Patrol PC is the perfect system for law enforcement agencies of all sizes and specializations.

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True All-in-One

Whereas other so-called all-in-ones are are actually separate units with hidden processing
units, Patrol PC is an actual one-piece computer that attaches easily to a variety of mounting solutions.

  • No glovebox wiring.
  • No trunk-mounted CPU.
  • Just simple all-in-one computing.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Patrol PC is far more cost-effective than other traditional in-vehicle solutions. In fact, it has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. The rugged frame and durable hardware survive even the toughest use and the optional seven-year warranty guarantees your long-term investment. Need more? Future-proof your investment with an optional hardware upgrade so you can always have the latest processors and the newest internal hardware.

Incredible Warranties

Patrol PC offers a minimum three-year all-inclusive warranty. There’s also an optional seven-year warranty that protects your investment no matter what pressures you put on it. There’s also an optional technology upgrade, which provides an all-new motherboard – with an updated processor.

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