Havis Mounting Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your rugged tech with Havis Cradles from Ramco Rugged Portables. These expertly engineered docking solutions provide a perfect fit and rock-solid performance for a wide range of rugged tablets and laptops used by police and EMS personnel. Crafted with premium lightweight yet ultra-durable materials, Havis cradles defy the toughest environments without adding unnecessary weight. The versatility extends even further when combining Havis cradles with tailored mounting systems and mobile accessories to create an unstoppable mobile office suited  for any emergency vehicle or patrol vehicle.

Havis laptop & tablet mounts are versatile, suitable for docking in patrol vehicles, fire trucks, boats, Motorcycles and stationary offices, ensuring secure mounting wherever needed. Precision engineering guarantees a snug fit, eliminating the possibly of a mounting failure. Built for durability, Havis mounts withstand tough, daily use in demanding conditions. Customize your own setup with Havis’ wide range of accessories for adjustable angles and added features.

With over 80 years of experience, Havis has become synonymous with reliability in demanding work settings, ensuring secure and efficient technology. Their rugged mounts are essential for driving connectivity, enhancing your team’s productivity and security. Partner with Ramco Rugged and Havis for robust equipment solutions that meet your work environment’s rigors while optimizing comfort and productivity.

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