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In 1989, GE Aerospace and MiTAC formed “Getac” (Gee-Tack) to build the company’s first product. Now in 2022, Getac is among the few companies that dominate the market when it comes to ruggedized electronics of all kinds. Getac Video offers a wide variety of different solutions for Law Enforcement, First Responders and Emergency medical Technicians. Getac provides fully rugged body-cams, dash-cams, and mountable video displays for vehicles that provide HD recording capabilities in any situations. Ensure reliable video security and control with Getac video products.

Highly detailed, sharp video output, all in a low profile

Getac's new line of ZeroDark™ FHD Cameras shoot in 1080p High Definition and guaranteeing a clear & crisp picture. The low profile and solid construction on the camera cubes guarantee a long and effective lifespan. Low-Light recording technology enables for the capture of detail in as little as .04 lux illumination. Explore the entire line-up of Getac video devices.

Ensure your safety using ZeroDark™ infrared capabilities

With the added infrared capabilities of the ZeroDark FHD backseat camera, ensure your security and safety while working at night. High-tech sensors and low-light recording features capture detail in 30 frames per second in as little as .00 lux illumination, so you can drive with confidence.


With two integrated cameras each outputting 4K HDR video, CA-NF42 delivers clear detailed imagery with superb low-light performance and minimal video noise, even when displayed on large screens. And with its wide field of view (FOV), traffic stops and other on-camera events are kept entirely in view. With its AI-enabled license plate recognition (LPR), CA-NF42 enhances situational and tactical awareness, both in the field and at headquarters. Officers can mind the road and their surroundings during vehicle searches. Vehicles of interest can be found more efficiently. Policework can be done faster and safer.

FHD Getac Dual Lens car camera

Getac’s ZeroDark™ Dual Lens Camera provides superior recording in all conditions with a minimal in-car footprint. The compact camera uses an ultra-wide, 180° lens with a 70° lens, giving officers unprecedented visibility and security. Capable of 1080p Full HD in 30 FPS and High Dynamic Range (HDR), the ZeroDark™ FHD Dual Lens Camera delivers a panoramic view with stunning detail and balance. Both Cameras feature low-light performance and are capable of capturing clear detail with dim, ambient, or indirect light sources. MIL-STD-810H certified rugged.

Built for Simplicity & Performance and reliability

At 800×480, the resolution of the Getac display is 2.5x the resolution of its nearest competitor. With a 5 inch screen, the display uses a multi-touch interface in addition to user control buttons placed at the bottom. Designed for simplicity and frequent use, the Getac 5-inch HD display offers everything a first responder could need in their vehicle. Various mounting options available.


The Getac Video Solutions VR-X20 DVR captures the highest video quality and ensures connectivity, even in the most extreme conditions. With full LTE integration, and configured with either the latest Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor, It merges video and data from multiple sources at once. This enables multi-tasking, and a quick response as a result of trusted in-field intel from the command center. The VR-X20 captures multiple camera sources simultaneously to high-performance, solid-state storage, so you can trust that you have the whole picture. A Powerful backup battery keeps you fully functional in case of vehicle collision or dead battery. As an added bonus, with the VR-X20 you can use your Getac body-worn camera as a microphone to reduce the number of devices you need to carry and oversee.

Body-Worn Camera BC-04K

The newest generation of Getac Body-Worn Cameras, the BC-04K, represents a major leap forward in video and audio quality for public safety professionals. This cutting-edge bodycam captures ultra high-definition 4K video, providing unprecedented image clarity and detail even in low light conditions.

Highest Resolution BWC

The Getac BC-04 BWC (body-worn camera) delivers unmatched 4K Ultra HD video with high dynamic range for superb clarity and detail. 4K resolution quadruples image sharpness compared to HD, revealing critical evidence. Advanced low-light capabilities ensure crisp, vivid footage even in dim conditions. With 128GB built-in storage, the BC-04 can record up to 12 hours of continuous 4K video. Durable and portable, this rugged camera captures smooth, stabilized footage to provide a comprehensive visual record.

Dual SIM slot

The Getac BC-04K body-worn camera features dual SIM card connectivity for superb clarity and uninterrupted footage. Dual SIM cards enable automatic cellular network switching if one signal is lost, ensuring continuous connectivity during critical incidents. With 128GB storage, the durable, portable BC-04K captures up to 12 hours of smooth, stabilized 4K footage to comprehensively document situations.

Real-Time GPS & OLED Display

The BC-04K provides unmatched real-time situational awareness. Integrated location tracking lets dispatchers see officer positions instantly to coordinate responses accurately. Live-streaming video can be remotely activated to oversight incidents as they occur. Vital device data like battery life, storage, ID stamps are centrally accessible to monitor readiness. Even in darkness, the BC-04K dashboard displays critical info at a glance by sharing location, live video and diagnostics in real-time.

Video Tagging

The BC-04K showcases a center mounted rotating click-wheel that allows officers to swiftly categorize and tag footage for simplified evidence management. Users can cycle through 64 pre-programmed video classification options tailored to law enforcement needs. Once the desired category is highlighted, pressing the wheel assigns the tag to the last captured video segment. This interface enables officers to classify videos in seconds right after recording critical incidents. Common video categories like arrest, pursuit, interview, traffic stop, domestic dispute, crowd control and many more can be accessed instantly.

Built to last

The BC-04K was engineered with long shifts and extended field use in mind. Its rugged, waterproof exterior can withstand dust, shocks, drops, and liquid splashes - ideal for patrolling in unpredictable environments. Inside, advanced battery technology delivers up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge.

Cloud Storage

When paired with Getac's flexible cloud-based evidence management software, the BC-04K enables seamless video upload, storage, and sharing. Authorized personnel can quickly search and analyze footage to gain new insights and document events as they occurred. HQ personnel can know where field personnel are without them needing to report in, and clearly see what’s happening on site in real time.

Body-cam Trigger Box

Getac's detection box automatically senses accidents to trigger recording of preceding events. It can be programmed to trigger off a sidearm being drawn or a weapon being removed from a patrol vehicle rack. Body-cams can also activate when vehicle doors open, and in-car cameras turn or when vehicle light bars are triggered. Getac's configurable Bluetooth trigger box enables this automated activation during any sort of critical events. By ensuring seamless, automated video capture, the trigger box removes distractions so officers can concentrate on incidents rather than double checking their devices.

Various Mounting Options

The BC-04K offers versatile mounting and attachment accessories for optimal positioning. Standard clips, tactical clips, magnetic mounts, and harness systems allow flexible placement on uniforms, vests, belts, Molle, vehicles or hats. Discreet mounting options suit undercover needs. Multi-bay chargers simultaneously recharge and upload footage from multiple units. With customizable mounting and charging solutions available as well as the camera trigger-box which activates the record function when an officers weapon is drawn from the hip or removed from the patrol vehicle weapon rack.

Body-Worn Camera BC-03

The latest and most advanced Getac Body-Worn Camera BC-03 delivers ultra-wide angle, full HD video, even in low-light conditions. With 4G LTE capabilities and a second battery, it can go wherever the action is, providing complete situational awareness in critical scenarios for extended periods of time.

Fully-Rugged Body-Cam

The BC-03 is ready for operations in the most extreme environments. Should a failure occur, Getac provides “advance exchange” to keep your fleet operating at the maximum level. MIL-STD 810G and IP68 certified. It can operate in temperatures of -40°F and 140°F and resist drops of up to six feet.

Expandable & limitless Power

The BC-03 will never run out of power. A second battery for longer shift operations is available, allowing recording up to ~16 hours of video and audio. With the BC-03 you don’t have to worry about stopping mid-shift and charging ever again. The second battery charges the internal battery and may be removed/replaced after it is depleted to zero.


The BC-03 has 165° diagonal view, with 1080p full HD resolution. It captures ultra-sharp video in 30fps, even at night or other low-light scenarios.

Integrated RFID

The Integrated RFID tracking can securely assign the device to a specific user, with just a quick swipe of ID cards The Body-cam can easily be shared by multiple law enforcement officers or other Public Safety individuals. Supports Date/Time/Officer ID stamp overlay on video footage as well.

Classify video evidence footage

Officers can use the convenient and intuitive category wheel to easily categorize videos, with up to 64 different incident types, allowing for more specific classifications.

Always Connected

The BC-03 supports all popular networks including dedicated first responder cellular networks for real-time and true live streaming including GPS geo-tracking. Device may also be purchased without LTE capabilities.

Body-Worn Camera BC-02

The Getac body-worn camera BC-02 delivers panoramic HD video. It has up to 12 hours of full shift battery life and is one of the smallest/lightest designs currently on the market. Ramco Rugged currently offers Getac's BC-02 (featured) and the newer BC-03 body cameras. Versatile mounting solutions available for both models including chest, pocket, or Molle mounts. Discover which is best for your needs.

Stand up to extreme Environmental conditions

The Getac body-cam BC-02 is built to function in the most extreme & adverse environments and weather conditions on Earth. With its IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certifications, the BC-02 is prepared to resist impacts, water & snow, dirt & dust, and extreme temperatures. It also includes features such as in-field video tagging and built in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. The BC-02 is ready for heavy & active use in all industries requiring additional personal security both public & private.

Versatile mounting solutions available

Each customer may use or wear the Getac body camera differently, so we offer a host of versatile mounting clips to choose from, including a chest mount, pocket mount, Molle mount, chest clip and epaulette clip. Choose which one is best for you and your specific needs, contact Ramco and let us aid you in selecting the perfect camera mounting and option.

Getac Bluetooth Trigger Box

Getac's integrated video solutions enable hands-free incident recording so officers can focus fully on responses. The detection box automatically senses accidents to trigger recording of preceding events. Body cams activate when vehicle doors open, and in-car ZeroDark HD cameras turn on when light bars are triggered. Getac's configurable Bluetooth trigger box enables this automated activation during critical events. By ensuring seamless, automated video capture, the trigger box removes distractions so officers can concentrate on incidents rather than devices.

Integrated RFID

The Integrated RFID tracking can securely assign the device to a specific user, with just a quick swipe of ID cards The Body-cam can easily be shared by multiple law enforcement officers or other Public Safety individuals.

Classify video footage by up to four different incident types

Use the sorting capabilities of the Getac BC-02 body-cam to make organizing & sorting evidence faster and easier

The Getac BC-02 features built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi respond to customizable triggers and provide wireless activation whenever needed. A dedicated GPS module embeds location data into all recordings for better higher quality evidence

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