The Fully Rugged Getac K120

At Ramco Rugged, we understand the demanding conditions of modern work environments. From construction sites to field operations, you need equipment that can keep up with the toughest challenges. That’s why we offer the latest generation of K120 tablet – a staple in rugged technology. Delivering more power, more connectivity, and more convenience than ever before. Engineered to meet the latest military-grade specifications, the K120 tablet is a versatile, highly configurable device that doesn’t compromise on ease of use or functionality.

An IP67 certification enables functionality while navigating rough terrain in bad weather, or conducting patrols in the field. It offers adaptability with a multi-functional hard handle, attachable full-size backlit keyboard, and a wide variety of straps and harnesses. This ensures that the K120 works around you, providing unmatched versatility through various usage modes and an extensive selection of accessories.

The K120 Redefines Efficiency for Police and Law Enforcement:

12.5″ FHD display with 1200 nits of brightness for impeccable clarity and enhanced viewing experience, even in direct sunlight
Array of I/O ports and interfaces for unprecedented versatility in patrol cars, motorcycles, and on foot
Removable SSD for secure and flexible data management, ensuring sensitive information is protected
Five programmable buttons for swift access to critical tools and functions, streamlining workflow during urgent situations
8MP rear camera for high-quality visual documentation, essential for evidence collection and detailed reporting

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