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Taoglas Antennas, Cellular Connectivity.

Embedded Antennas

With a focus and commitment to innovation, Taoglas’ portfolio of over 260 embedded antennas utilize high-performance materials and leading-edge manufacturing capabilities that ensure you have the best performing antenna for your device.

GNS Embedded Antennas
  • Active Antenna: An active GNSS embedded antenna is powered by a battery or other power source and generates its own signal.
  • Passive Antenna: A passive GNSS embedded antenna is unpowered and does not require an additional power source because it uses energy from the incoming radio waves to generate its own signal.
NFC Embedded Antennas
  • Passive NFC Antenna: They  require the reader device to be powered on to operate.
  • Active NFC Antenna: They can send power to the reader device without the need for a separate power source.
  • Semi-Passive NFC Antenna: They combine the best qualities of both passive and active antennas.
Cellular Embedded Antennas
  • On board antenna’s: Attached directly to the device’s circuit board.
  • Off board antenna’s: Are placed away from circuit board but connected via cable and connectors or push style connectors.

Cellular embedded antennas find extensive applications in diverse devices like asset trackers, tablets, and phones. However, integrating these antennas requires careful consideration due to regulatory certifications needed for specific cellular networks in various countries. Taoglas offers expertise in aiding customers to navigate these challenges, ensuring timely market entry. Contact us for integration and testing support to streamline your product development process.

ISM/LoRA Embedded Antennas

The ISM/LoRA Embedded Antenna is utilized in wireless systems for signal transmission and reception. It comprises two components: the ISM/LoRA integrated circuit (IC) and the antenna itself. The IC, a compact chip, contains all essential elements for data transmission within short ranges (usually under 100 meters). The antenna, typically constructed from conductive materials like copper wire, is coiled around an inductor to generate the necessary electrical current for transmission or reception.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Embedded Antennas
  • Omnidirectional Antenna: A omnidirectional antenna transmits and receives signals equally in all directions (360°).
  • Directional Antenna: A directional antenna transmits and receives signals best at one direction.
UWB Embedded Antennas
  • Chip Antenna: It is made up of a chip and has a small size but has high gain. The advantage of this type of embedded antenna is that it allows the device to be made smaller in size and provides more flexibility in design.
  • Patch Antenna: It consists of a conductor with two opposing sides shorted to ground. The advantage of this type of embedded antenna is that it provides high gain at low frequencies.
  • Flexible PCB Antenna: It consists of a flexible PCB Antenna trace with an adhesive backing allowing it to be installed in areas where space on the PCB is not available.
Combination Embedded Antennas

There are 3 main types of embedded combination antennas: Ceramic Patches AntennasChip Antennas and Flexible PCB antennas. Each have their own advantages. For best performance but largest size ceramic patches are the best option. For Chip Antennas they are a great on-board solution for areas where a small PCB may be used but they have reduced performance due to their size. Flexible PCB Antennas are great in areas where there is no space on the PCB for a Ceramic Patch or Chip antenna but they will add labour cost due to assembly with cables and connectors.

C-V2X Embedded Antennas

C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) embedded antennas are used for wireless communication between automotive vehicles and everything else. They are used for communicating in an unlicensed 5.9GHz band between C-V2X and V2X devices.

SiriusXM Embedded Antennas

SiriusXM embedded antennas are used to transmit and receive digital radio frequency signals. They can be installed on a vehicle, boat or plane.

External Antennas

We offer Taoglas’ range of cutting-edge external antennas that excel in demanding applications, serving mission-critical first responders, as well as mobility and infrastructure solutions. Built to the highest RF and mechanical standards, these antennas deliver proven real-world performance and are available in various form factors and technologies.

Combination External Antennas

Specifically designed for GPS, WiFi, or cellular signals—or other technologies such as C-V2X, ISM/LoRa or UWB technologies.

Cellular External Antennas

We offer a variety of Taoglas’ Cellular Antennas, suitable for applications from automotive, trucks, homes, offices, large buildings and industry.

ISM/LoRA External Antennas

An ISM/LoRA external antenna functions within the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) frequency band or the LoRA (Long Range) wireless protocol. These antennas facilitate the transmission and reception of wireless signals across extensive distances, making them well-suited for IoT (Internet of Things) applications like remote metering.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth External Antennas

Our Wi-Fi/Bluetooth external antennas are available in different connector types, including FAKRA CODE I Beige, FAKRA CODE Z Water Blue, IPEX MHFI, N Type, RP-SMA, SMA, and SMA BK.


GNSS External Antennas are designed for applications that require positional accuracy such as asset tracking, telematics, surveying and autonomous vehicle positioning, all applications that requires accurate and reliable satellite signal reception.


UWB, or Ultra-Wideband, is a wireless communication technology that utilizes a wide frequency band to transmit data at high speeds. Designed to provide reliable and high-performance wireless communications for a variety of applications, including IoT, industrial and smart home automation and the technology is perfect for indoor asset positioning systems.


NFC External Antenna is an antenna that utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology to allow communication between devices. This type of antenna is ideal for short-range wireless communication, making it perfect for use in various applications such as mobile payments, ticketing systems and access control.


We offer Satcom External Antennas in two different mounting styles – magnetic and pole. Magnetic mount antennas are designed to be quickly and easily installed on any metal surface, while pole-mounted antennas are designed to be securely mounted onto a pole or mast.


External C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) antennas are those that are mounted on a vehicle and used for wireless communication between vehicles and other vehicles, infrastructure or vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. C-V2X is part of the 5G roll-out and uses the unlicensed 5.9Ghz band. It is being implemented as a replacement for current short-range communication systems such as DSRC (dedicated short-range communications).

External C-V2X embedded antennas are also designed into a device or system that are specifically designed to transmit and receive signals using C-V2X technology such as smart lighting, traffic management systems, tolling systems or even EV charging infrastructure.


mmWave external antennas come in a connector-style mounting, which allows for easy installation and removal of the antenna. Connector-style antennas are ideal for applications that require frequent antenna swapping or testing, as they can be easily connected and disconnected without the need for additional tools.

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