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Ramco Rugged Portables is an authorized distributor of all DRS Armor products, including the company's full line of rugged tablets and laptops.

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DRS Armor Rugged Manufacturer Overview

Headquarted in Melbourne, Florida, DRS Armor is a wholly owned subsidiary of DRS Tactical Systems, which has developed ultra-rugged computer solutions for the military, intelligence organizations and prime contractors for more than 20 years. DRS Armor was developed to provide high quality rugged products to law enforcement agencies and other organizations that need tough computers and tablets for extreme work in the field.

DRS Armor Rugged Computers At-a-Glance

DRS Armor Rugged tablets and computers are some of the most rugged in the industry, with fully MIL-SPEC certified cases and sealed ports to prevent water and dust damage. There are also shock-absorbing hard drives to protect any important data. Check out more features below:

Compact Rugged Tablets
If you need a rugged tablet that's easily portable, then you'll definitely want to check out the DRS Armor X7, which comes with three base options, each of which include powerful processors, plenty of RAM, and high-brightness touch displays for easy interaction.
Large-Format Rugged Tablets
For more data-rich applications where a tablet form factor is essential, you'll want to check out the DRS Armor X10, since you'll have an extra three inches of screen real estate.
Rugged Convertibles
More rugged computing options can be had with the DRS Armor X12 convertible, which can used as a tablet or as a laptop. You can get the X12 with the latest Intel Core iSeries processors and up to 8GB of RAM, which means you can use the latest multi-core software applications and run large datasets with ease.

DRS Armor Rugged Computer Features

Fully Rugged Frames
DRS Armor rugged convertibles, tablets and laptops are all encased in durable, fully rugged magnesium-alloy frames, giving you peace of mind when you're working in harsh environments. Whether you're patrolling the streets or navigating hazardous work sites or warehouse floors, DRS Armor rugged tablets are a great choice.
Plenty of Power
Using the latest Intel processors and equipped with plenty of RAM, DRS Armor tablets are some of the fastest on the market. There is also plenty of storage space, no matter which device you choose.
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