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Ramco Rugged Portables is a franchised distributor of Getac rugged and heavy duty portable computers, which include semi- and fully rugged laptops, rugged smartphones, rugged convertibles and rugged tablets.

When you need a Getac rugged computer, make sure that you call Ramco first. We offer the best prices, the best warranties, and the best personal service.

Getac Rugged Computers

Getac has been manufacturing rugged computers since 1989 for demanding users who use Getac products in the most demanding environments. One of the leading rugged computer manufacturers, Getac features a full line of products that can satisfy almost any need a rugged computer user could need.

Getac's rugged products are found in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara desert.

Getac Technological Breakthroughs

Getac was a pioneer in rugged and heavy duty computer manufacturing and they've developed several proprietary technologies that help Getac customers get more done in harsh environmental conditions and under heavy stress.

Getac innovations include:

  • Glove-friendly multi-touch displays
  • Goggle-free night vision
  • QuadraClear displays that offer sunlight-readability
  • Advanced power saving technology

Select Getac Customers

Rugged and heavy duty computers are essential in the field; that's why many military and law enforcement organizations choose Getac when they need rugged computers that can handle pressure as well as they do.

Here are just a few of Getac's largest customers:

  • US Air Force
  • Houston Police Department
  • Dutch Army (Netherlands)
  • Surete du Quebec (Canada)
  • Orlando Police Department
  • Alabama Gas Company
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife
  • Jenoptik AG (Germany)

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